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Special Education chose me.

I am a mom, advocate and attorney who believes every child should have the support and tools they need to succeed in school. When I began the process of seeking special education services for my son, I realized it was a complex and emotionally charged journey and no parent should go through it alone.

Exceptional Children Special Education Advocacy will support and advocate for you and your child while strengthening your relationship with the school system. I can assist you in requesting an initial evaluation, during the IEP/504 plan process, or through dispute resolution with the school district.


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Special Education Attorney and Advocate


View the services I offer including assistance with eligibility determinations and securing services through an IEP or 504 plan.

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No matter where you are in your special education journey, I can help.

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One of the most important IEP meeting tools

One of the most important IEP meeting tools

You just finished your child’s IEP meeting.  Everyone had a lot to contribute, and it was a fairly productive meeting.  The team shared feedback on your child plus ideas, suggested edits, goals and services to be added to the updated IEP.  IEP meetings can be stressful so you may have felt anxious or emotional during the meeting.  Now that the meeting is over, you are reviewing your notes and processing everything that was discussed.  What should you do now?

Is your child entitled to COVID-19 Compensatory Services?

Is your child entitled to COVID-19 Compensatory Services?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) provided technical guidance to schools, districts and IEP Teams to assist them in making determinations for COVID-19 compensatory education or supports to students with IEPs.