You just finished your child’s IEP meeting.  Everyone had a lot to contribute, and it was a fairly productive meeting.  The team shared feedback on your child plus ideas, suggested edits, goals and services to be added to the updated IEP.  IEP meetings can be stressful so you may have felt anxious or emotional during the meeting.  Now that the meeting is over, you are reviewing your notes and processing everything that was discussed.  What should you do now?  Wait to see what the district sends you?  No!  You should sit down and write an email to the IEP Team to document what happened during the meeting.

The email doesn’t need to be technical, but it should be professional and straightforward.  Include bullets about the general discussion, and be specific about the additional accommodations, goals, benchmarks, services or supports to be included to the IEP.  Also include the questions requiring follow up and if you requested something that the district rejected but may not have told you why the request was rejected.  Putting your notes from the meeting in an email back to the team creates a helpful record of the IEP meeting.  Of course, you still need to review the Notice of Proposed School District Action (N1) to make sure your notes agree with what the district included but going through this exercise will help ensure that the final IEP you receive is the one you are expecting.

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