Improve two Executive Function skills that are helpful, not just in dealing with the continued uncertainty of the pandemic but are also necessary life skills.

This article from Beyond Book Smart discusses practical steps for enhancing two Executive Function skills: Emotional Regulation & Flexible Thinking. These continue to be challenging times for everyone.  With school starting in the next week and the fact that school will look different this year can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. If you haven’t already, take time to talk about your feelings with your partner or a friend, and talk with your kids about it too. Normalizing that we, as parents, also must adapt to a new schedule and health precautions is helpful for our kids to feel that they are not alone. If you or your child needs additional support, please reach out to your doctor or the school counselor.

If you think your child may need a special education assessment because of social emotional needs, please contact me.