The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released two additional guidance documents for schools to plan for reopening in the fall.

A few highlights include:

**Students must receive all services documented in their IEPs through in-person instruction, remote instruction, or a combination of both, with a strong emphasis on providing in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible. In-person instruction is prioritized for preschool-aged students and students with significant and complex needs.

**Even if the rest of the school has entered into a hybrid or remote model of instruction, schools must make every effort to maintain in-person instruction for students with disabilities, particularly those with complex and significant needs and preschool-aged students, including in home or in community-based settings where feasible for students

**Parents/caregivers can choose to send their children to in-person school or keep them at home learning remotely. If you decide to start with remote learning, you can move to in-school at a later time.

Click below to read the full documents:
Guidance on Fall 2020 Special Education Services
Fall Reopening Frequently Asked Questions